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  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Get an Offshore Recruitment Team :

    If your organization is hiring consistently, then Asiapower can provide you an offshore recruitment team, capable of working independently or in a supporting role to your existing recruitment department. Their tasks are:

    a) Analysis of Positions and Requirements: Scrutiny of various resumes, collecting the most relevant and useful profiles for exact match of your company’s client's requirements.

    b) Candidate Screening: Building an ongoing candidate pipeline using research, with access to your internal database or ATS & Job portals (monster, career builder, etc)

    c) Setting Up Interview: We will accomplish basic tasks like setting up interviews for the potential candidates according to guidelines for optimal performance and scalability.

    d) Issuing Job Offer: We work in tandem with your HR department to issue job offers and perform other several mandatory checks and verifications.

    f) Acceptance & Joining: After all the formalities and verifications are completed, our Offshore Recruitment Team finishes the work with the final acceptance and issuing joining letters to all the approved candidates.